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The Jellyboxx Journey 

Designed not by your ordinary engineer. Jellyboxx Ventures was born in 2012. Starting out as a vision to fashion designer, Gina Itor.  At the time she was showing her fashion art collection around the world. During the heat of the moment and all the excitment her phone would slip out her hand hitting the ground causing damage. Her hands were bruised and in pain from all the texting, but she couldnt put her phone down. Too many guest arriving, busy models, behind th scene pictures to take. Needing her hands free, she tucked her phone in her back pocket and her ID and credit card in her shirt.

Gina visioned a super soft phone cover, feel good to touch, a nice bounce when dropped to protect your expensive investment to put a smile on her face. being an artist she began drawing and added curves to the grip, different from all the other phone cases out there. She added a secret slot for her ID and credit card to keep all her valuables together. Gina's first prototype design was made thick on purpose. Gina called it a Tech Fashion statement, to be worn on the outside as an accessory to your outfit, not thrown in yout purse or backpack to be hidden - but to keep your hands free and for safety, Gina added a modern gold wrist chain to the Jellyboxx to show it off on the outside similar to a wallet or purse (included but optional). 

 Many people argued with her to make a sleek case because thats what everyone has. Gina saw something totally different, ahead of its time. She kept her faith and persistence and continued perfecting what became Jellyboxx. Her expierence in the fashion world opened many doors as designers began to ask Gina to collaborate at LAFW and NYFW runways. This is when she saw Tech Fashion come together beautifully bringing out the fashion side of a tech product, known as a basic phone case.

Shortly after Gina partnered with CEO Noel Lee on the Bounce design. Noel is known for (Monster Cables and designing Beats by Dre). Noel mentored Gina in taking Jellyboxx into its final stages of manufacturing. 

Currently in collaboration is a licensing deal for the ROKIT Bounce. You may recognize ROKIT founding partner, John Paul Dejoria known for (Patron Tequila, Paul Mitchell).

Our Jellyboxx team is growing, enjoying the Jellyboxx journey, and happy you're reading this and along for the ride. Thank you for all your support, word of mouth and of course Pre Orders!

Launching 2022! updates on the release date will be on Instagram along with the surprise limited editon color.

Remember each color selection is limited to the fashion season forecast. For the newest iPhone only, so stay up to date and get your phone upgrades asap!


"Living in the future there is no time for the past"

                                                                  Gina Itor


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